Strategic Planning Consultants

Our strategic planning consultants help companies identify the best long-term paths and strategies to help them grow.

A fresh outside perspective is one of the most valuable resource available to any business. Outside planners have the experience and tools needed to help management teams pinpoint their areas of strength and the areas where improvements can be fostered.

Outside Consultants Focus On Your Business

Executive planning meetings have a nasty habit of moving quickly from a planning session to a staff meeting. This is a very natural outcome as most managers or executives only have the tools to allow them to focus On The Business not In The Business.

Our consultants only focus is On Your Business. We know how important it is to leave you to work In Your Business. When we meet with your team, we keep the discussions focused on planning and strategy, leaving your team with a clear list of deliverables you can work on In Your Business.

Turning Up The Volume

Our only focus is the success of your business. We will meet with you and your team to garner a deep understanding of your organization, your short- and long-term goals and your desired business culture.

We will ask the hard questions that can be very difficult to ask from within an organization. Once we’ve gathered all the data points, we will provide an honest evaluation from our outside perspective.

The next step will involve you and our team developing a plan to facilitate trainings and sessions focused on obtaining the outcome you desire.

If It’s Not Broken

We fully expect your business to have its strong points. Our consultants have been trained to recognize what is working within an organization and who the key people are to get things done. We will point out the strengths within your organization to keep your business growing on track.

What If It Is Broken

Being objective is the key to finding what works and also what doesn’t work within an organization. As our only focus is the success of your business, we will help identify parts of your processes or organization that is not helping your reach your goals. We will make honest assessments, allowing you to make the final decisions on what steps to take.

Hire Us for Your Next Strategic Planning Session

The worst thing that can happen during a strategic planning session is for the status quo to become part of everyday thinking. Bringing in an outside consultant can help break though ‘old’ paradigms that hold many organizations back.

At Lyka, we will help keep your planning sessions On The Business while delivering the outside perspective than can be very hard to drive home from within an organization.